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Diez an der Lahn / Geilnau / Online


At first will discuss your short and long-term vocal and musical goals in a trial lesson.

i will meet you where you are and guide you step  by step towards achieving your desired sound- just bring along a song or musical phrase you want to work on. You can sing it a capella, with playback, to the strum of my guitar, or to an acompaniement on your instrument.

i can support you in the following areas:


CVT techniques for all sounds and genres; performance preperation; interpretation; sense of rhythm; improvitation; emergency aid program to recover your voice, stage fright, songwriting and microphone technique.

My areas of specialisation include choral/harmonic singing, instrumental self acompaniment and Latin American genres.

i offer the following lesson payment options:

Trial lesson                                                                    20 € 

Single lesson                                          45 min.          45 €

                                                                 60 min.          60 €

5 lesson package                                   45 min.          200 €

                                                                 60 min.          300 €

10 lesson package                                 45 min.          390 €

                                                                 60 min.          540 €

weekly lessons (excluding school holidays) may be paid on a monthly basis:

                     45 min.          110 €

                     60 min.          155 €

Need based discounts and group prices available on request.

You may also purchase a gift cards for single lessons and packages of 5 and 10 lessons.

questions about pricing and lesson format? Please contact me by phone or email.

Complete Vocal Technique course

This workshop offer extends to choirs, ensembles, bands, choral societies, music schools, teachers, and anyone intersted in voice and singing.

The standart CVT course is devided into 2 sections and lasts about 6 hours.

The first sevtion will introduce you to the most important aspects of the CVT method: 

the 3 overall principles (1. support, 2. twang, 3. to avoid a protrudet jaw and lip tensions)

The 4 vocal modes ( neutral, curbing, overdrive and edge)

sound colours (crate light and dark timbres)

the use of special effects.

Participants are encouraged  to engage activlyas they dicover new techniques and sounds.

In the second part of the course, participants are given the opportunity to engage in a 20 minute solo session to work toward their vocal goals in front of the group. The social and performance aspects of this exercise foster a more effective learning environment and singers benefit from the positive feedback of the group. 

 I will gladly adapt the workshop format to accomodate the needs of of attendees (e.g. we can hold  the course on a 2hr/week basis, extend it over a full weekend, extend sections between monthly meeting times, etc.)

don´t hesitate to contact me with any further  questions.






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