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Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) was developed by Cathrine Sedolin with the aim of creating a healthy aproach to singing across all sounds, styles, and genres.


CVT is based on the latest scientific findings and is therefore continuously updated.

Teaching methods are practicle and specific;all learning steps are direct, efficient, and easy to understand. CVT is used worldwide by singers of all genres, as well as by actors, speakers, and voice therapists. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals singers.

The following is an overview of CVT:



The 3 overall principles must always be observed.

The "4 modes" are different settings of the vocal tract. They shape sound, volume  vowels  and sound colours. All modes have their own rules, adventages, and limitations. Their use can be compared to a "gear shift"

we can color the chosen mode lighter or darker.

in this last step we can add one or more effects to the mode.


Ausführliche Informationen findest du in der CVT app die du hier kaufen kannst:

oder im Buch "Komplette Gesangstechnik" das ich preisgünstiger für dich bestellen kann.

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