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My name is Mateo
My first big love was music ...
for me, the heartwarming sounds of the guitar have built bridges to the nostalgic sounds of my original homeland Argentina, but also to my new German homeland and other cultures.
I studied classical guitar, with a minor in singing
  at the Stuttgart Musikhochschule. During a semester abroad and while travelling extensiveley throughout Argentina after my studies, I learned the musical language of the tango and of many other  folk styles. 
My desire to create music with and for others soon led me to train as a choir director and to lead a choir for seven years.
I completed training through the "Bundesverband Deutscher Gesangspädagogen", receiving a certificate in vocal pedagogy.
then i fulfilled two big wishes:
I founded the trio "Latineando" in which i sing and play my own arrangements of Latin american music with two other wonderful musicians.

I received a diploma from the unique "Complete Vocal Institut" in Copenhagen after my three year study of the Complete Vocal Technique method.
i currently perform and teach as both a vocalist and a guitarist.
As a teacher, nothing brings me grater joy than helping my singers work towards their own musical goals and aspirations.




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